July 9, 2020

I slept 6.3 hours, checked in to 3 places, took 2 photos, wrote 3 microblogs, walked 4.6 miles, and weighed 177.4 pounds. I was in Des Moines.

fell asleep
woke up after sleeping 6.3 hours
@realDonaldTrump And you are 1/100th of a good human being. You ignorant piece of shit.
🚨🚨🚨 1/100th of a stable genius alert! 🚨🚨🚨 t.co/xbZkrhdt4z
I tried fighting quarantine depression by overloading myself with projects, but it turned out to just make me overt… t.co/ZCviipQu2E 4 comments
checked in at Brody School Park, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at Hy-Vee, Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa
fell asleep

Listened to

Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson, Puscifer, Bush, Jane's Addiction, Al Stewart, Primus, Electric Light Orchestra, Sevendust, Foreigner, Robert Palmer, Rob Zombie, Type O Negative, and more...