Thursday, August 1, 2019

I checked in to 11 places, took 89 photos, and walked 3.73 miles. I was in Yamanashi and Shizuoka, Japan.

12:04 am

Some living quarters near the Black Dragon Temple

12:05 am

Walking toward the black dragon temple

12:06 am

Looking out from the black dragon temple area

12:07 am

Outside the black dragon temple... wish we could've taken photos inside

12:08 am

Black dragon temple

12:08 am


12:09 am


12:10 am

This area was beautiful and so chill

12:11 am

An incredible place to be

12:12 am

Temple details

12:13 am

Burnin some stuff

12:15 am

Lightin that stick

12:16 am

A crazy carving in the ceiling of the incense spot

12:17 am

Burnin some sticks

12:17 am


12:24 am


12:25 am

Such a pretty place

12:25 am

Leaving the temples

12:26 am

The stairway to the temples

12:26 am


12:27 am

Washin those hands

12:29 am

Temple stuff

12:29 am

Checked in at 身延山 久遠寺, Minamikoma District, Yamanashi

12:31 am


12:31 am

This would probably be a pretty chill place to live

12:48 am

Checked in at ENEOS (ENEOS 下山SS), Minamikoma District, Yamanashi

1:09 am

Bit of a storm on our way up to Hoshinoya

1:12 am

A curvy road

1:52 am

Coming up on Hoshinoya

1:56 am

Checked in at Hoshinoya Fuji (星のや富士), Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

2:03 am

The first thing you do when you get to this resort is pick out a fancy backpack, heh

2:30 am

Pods @ Hoshinoya

2:33 am

Our campground suite, lol

2:49 am

A few bubbles after checking in

2:54 am

Checked in at HOSHINOYA Fuji Cloud Terrace, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

3:23 am

Japanese maples

3:57 am

The decks at this fancy glamping resort were crazy

4:01 am

Heading toward our private dinner in the woods

4:03 am

Lookin at the fancy dinner menu

4:35 am

Bout to eat some venison, boar, duck, etc

4:37 am

Smokin up some wild boar

4:52 am

Doin some cookin

4:53 am

Cookin dinner

5:11 am


5:11 am

Cookin up some dinner

5:59 am

Mount Fuji birthday cake!

6:00 am

Look at this lil Fuj

7:22 am

Hanging on our patio

3:53 pm

Startin the day off with some Yoga outside of Mount Fuji

4:05 pm

You can kind of see the outline of Mount Fuji through the fog from our patio

4:06 pm

Checked in at Hoshinoya Fuji (星のや富士), Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

4:16 pm

This is what we slept in

4:30 pm

A pretty morning on the way to the base of Fuji

4:43 pm

Wilderness boy

4:44 pm


4:45 pm


4:45 pm

Some lake fish

4:46 pm

Checked in at Lake Saiko (西湖), Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

4:46 pm

Hangin by this lake

4:46 pm

Look at this tiny van

4:54 pm

Fog movin through the mountains

5:06 pm

Checked in at 竜宮洞穴, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

5:09 pm

Tour guide showing us a 3D map of where we are at the base of Kofu.

5:20 pm

Hikin girls

5:23 pm

Walkin through the forest

5:26 pm


5:27 pm

Japanese forest

5:31 pm

I think this sign says danger or something

5:32 pm

Mossy forest

5:35 pm

Cave + shrine

5:39 pm

Light shining through the misty forest

5:41 pm

Hangin in this little cave

5:41 pm

Lookin around this cave

5:45 pm


5:45 pm

Capturin that moss

5:49 pm

Group pic on the hike

6:00 pm

Listen to the skunk

6:12 pm

Forest shroom

6:17 pm


6:27 pm

Still lake

6:46 pm

Cooking paninis for lunch @ Hoshinoya

6:51 pm

Cookin up some bacon

6:54 pm

Grillin up those veggies

7:12 pm


7:22 pm

Checked in at HOSHINOYA Fuji Cloud Terrace, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

7:38 pm

Walking down to our rooms

7:38 pm

Our room

7:56 pm

Facetimin with family from Hoshinoya

8:49 pm

Some crazy Japanese Grasshopper

9:03 pm

Checked in at Hoshinoya Fuji (星のや富士), Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi

9:34 pm

Mountain drivin

9:58 pm

Checked in at 7-Eleven (セブンイレブン 富士宮朝霧高原店), Fujinomiya Shi, Shizuoka

10:19 pm

Some crazy spicy + sour ume rings

11:10 pm

Checked in at 焼津さかなセンター, Yaizu Shi, Shizuoka

11:15 pm

Some fish...

11:21 pm

Bout to eat some fish @ this crazy fish market spot

11:25 pm

Good thing the menu has pictures

11:42 pm

Tuna bowls were so cheap and soooo tasty

11:58 pm

Bout to order some wasabi ice cream

11:59 pm

Enjoying some wasabi ice cream