Monday, August 5, 2019

I checked in to 16 places, took 38 photos, and walked 6.52 miles. I was in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Tokyo Prefecture, Japan.

12:14 am

Checked in at Okomedoki, Tokyo, Tokyo

12:54 am

Checked in at Shibuya Crossing (渋谷駅前スクランブル交差点), Tokyo, Tokyo

1:51 am

Checked in at Tokyu Hands (東急ハンズ 渋谷店), Tokyo, Tokyo

2:57 am

Checked in at arktz, Tokyo, Tokyo

3:29 am

Checked in at Levi's Store 原宿店, Tokyo, Tokyo

3:43 am

Checked in at PDX TAPROOM, Tokyo, Tokyo

4:14 am

Checked in at TRUNK (HOTEL), Tokyo, Tokyo

5:11 am

Checked in at TRUNK (BAR), Tokyo, Tokyo

6:05 am

Checked in at The Sushi, Tokyo, Tokyo

7:40 am

Checked in at ROOFTOP BAR ルーフトップバー, Tokyo, Tokyo

9:25 am

Checked in at CURVA, Tokyo, Tokyo

9:40 am

We got about 5 feet away from the pool before we got kicked out for our tattoos

9:41 am

gang related

10:04 am

Surfers at the beach by our hotel

10:06 am

A Surfer taking a break

10:08 am

Takin photos of the surfers

10:10 am

Japanese surfers

10:10 am

Fancy surf stuff

10:11 am

Surfin in Enoshima

10:16 am

Chillin on the beach. Watching the surfers

10:16 am

Ridin the wave

10:44 am

Checked in at TRUNK (HOTEL), Tokyo, Tokyo

2:08 pm

Ban Anime! 6ix 9ine

2:25 pm

Eatin this weird rice cake burger thing.

2:59 pm

Shibuya shopping

4:59 pm

I only dream of you

5:39 pm

Our hotel

7:39 pm

Bout to go out for my birthday

8:13 pm

Checked in at FamilyMart (ファミリーマート 神宮前五丁目店), Tokyo, Tokyo

8:22 pm

Kari took me to this v fancy sushi place. This was our personal chef

8:23 pm

Bout to eat this snail. I had to twist it out of the shell!

8:24 pm

Bout to eat some snail

8:26 pm


8:30 pm

Fish, after I already took a couple bites

8:43 pm

Melts in your mouth

8:44 pm

Many thanks to this girl for this great experience

8:45 pm

This sushi was ridic

8:52 pm

tastiest fish

8:57 pm

This seared otoro was one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth

9:01 pm

Some crazy tamago. This ruined Kari

9:20 pm

View from the bar outside of the sushi restaurant

9:27 pm

Waiting for dessert at the bar outside of the restaurant

9:36 pm

A crazy peach cake for my birthday!

9:36 pm

Birthday stuff

9:36 pm

makin wishes

9:53 pm

This martini had a little orange rind boat with almonds in it

10:02 pm

Probably one of the better ways to spend a birthday...

10:12 pm

Checked in at THE RIGOLETTO (ザ・リゴレット), Tokyo, Tokyo

10:47 pm

A great birthday with this girl

10:48 pm


11:09 pm

Heading to the red light district in Shibuya

11:19 pm

Checked in at Seibu (西武渋谷店), Tokyo, Tokyo

11:30 pm

Hibiki @ Curva

11:57 pm

Checked in at Loft (渋谷ロフト), Tokyo, Tokyo