Friday, August 2, 2019

I checked in to 6 places, took 28 photos, wrote 3 microblogs, and walked 3.53 miles. I was in Okazaki, Ise, Yokkaichi, Daieicho, Watarai-chō, and Uji.

12:06 am

Found a dewsk! Grape Mountain Dew!

12:15 am

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1:30 am

Checked in at 下り線駐車場, Okazaki, Aichi

2:00 am

Checked in at ENEOS, Okazaki, Aichi

3:54 am

Checked in at 斎王の宮 伊勢にたたずむ王朝浪漫の夢見宿, Ise, Mie

3:56 am

some crazy gelatin + bean thing we were given when checking into our hotel in Ise

5:42 am

Fancy colorful tempura thing

5:42 am

Shrimps, gelatin noodles, beef wrapped corn

5:44 am

Bout to have a crazy dinner with in our Yukata

5:59 am

Awabi, sushis, etc.

6:21 am

Giant Ise shrimp

6:36 am

A crazy corn fishcake thing that was almost like a tamale

6:43 am

Matsusaka beef. It was ridiculous.

6:49 am

Cookin up some matsusaka beef

7:44 am

Kari and Hiromi found some Sake for Nijikai!

7:46 am


7:46 am


7:57 am

Just ate Matsusaka beef and died. ☠️
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8:35 am

Yukata stuff

8:35 am

Look at this girl, haha

6:52 pm

1,000 course breakfast

7:02 pm

Me: wow, that was a really tasty white fish.
Harper: I know, right??
Hiromi: that was raw chicken.
Me and Harper: ... huh

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7:04 pm

I thought this was some very tasty fish. It turned out to be Chicken sashimi. I was v surprised.

7:56 pm


8:07 pm

Lil tree frog. Huge bug.

8:35 pm

Checked in at Ise Jingu Geku Shrine (伊勢神宮 外宮 (豊受大神宮)), Ise, Mie

8:38 pm

The way this tree is bandaged up with copper and supported was crazy.

8:46 pm

Entering the Ise grand shrines

9:10 pm

Shrine crew

9:55 pm

These shrines were beautiful

9:57 pm

Checked in at Ise Jingu Naiku Shrine (伊勢神宮 内宮 (皇大神宮)), Ise, Mie

9:57 pm

Enjoying the shrines

9:59 pm

Manicured grounds

9:59 pm

Tree support

10:15 pm

A bandaged tree

10:23 pm

The roofs of the buildings in the ise shrines were crazy

11:50 pm

Checked in at EXPASA御在所 (上り), Yokkaichi, Mie