August 9, 2010

I posted 2 photo albums, checked in to 10 places, took 29 photos, and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Chicago, DeKalb, Victor, Walcott, Rapids City, Marion, Ankeny, and Newport.

Today is great. Running around with jon, liz, and harper.
Carrying a digital slr is a double edged sword. Love taking good party pics of my friends n I. But then all the official photographers HATE. 1 comment
checked in at 2119 W Potomac Ave, Chicago, Illinois
That was exactly the chicago party scene I was looking for. Runnin around with harper n jon, and partying with harper's club friends - great
Another great birthday/lollapalooza weekend down. Headin back to iowa. 1 comment
checked in at DeKalb Oasis, DeKalb, Illinois
checked in at Grandma Betty's, Rapids City, Illinois
checked in at TravelCenters of America, Walcott, Iowa
Kari's not tall enough to rest her heel on the floor while she drives.
checked in at Grandma Betty's, Rapids City, Illinois
checked in at Marion, Iowa
finally uploaded pics from @lucky33 and @nicolek's wedding. unfortunately the only ones i took are of the after party:
Robyn and Joe's Wedding
checked in at Victor WB Rest Area #6, Victor, Iowa
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
The magic track pad definitely makes using my mac mini more enjoyable. Loving this thing.
Mitch, Rich, n Rankin Visit
huh... Sorting through the 655 photos I took this weekend is gonna take a minute.