Friday, September 14, 2007

I took 12 photos and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Iowa and Minnesota.

8:10 am

taking a really weird route to work

1:39 pm

driving to minneapolis

3:05 pm

Diamond Jo Casino

3:16 pm

stopping at the diamond jo casino for a minute...

3:19 pm

just walked into a casino, nathan put $20 in 1 game, pushed 1 button and cashed out $45... onto minnesota

5:14 pm

Driving into Mpls

5:14 pm

Driving into Minneapolis

5:37 pm

there's some scary crypticon fest going on in our ghetto hotel, haha

6:21 pm

tapas at solera

7:17 pm

tapas didnt fill us up. onto lone tree for burgers

8:02 pm

At The Lone Tree

10:14 pm

With our Lone Tree waitress and Leslie

10:56 pm

We got into Aqua under dress code for free

10:58 pm

Diverse at Aqua

11:06 pm

At Aqua

11:13 pm

DJ Diverse at Aqua

11:17 pm

DJ Diverse at Aqua

11:22 pm

DJ Diverse at Aqua

11:24 pm

Diverse on the Jumbotron