Sunday, September 16, 2007

I took 15 photos and wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

12:01 am

VIP at Spin

12:13 am

The underwear were off next. This guy was a dildo.

12:33 am

Dancing at Spin

12:35 am

Nathan offering some unwanted help

12:39 am

Dancer at Spin

12:43 am

Dancing at Drink

12:44 am

Some chick wearing my glasses

12:55 am

She was trying to wear my crown... ...

12:57 am

Josh and our beer goggle friends

1:23 am

Wearing the bachelorette's tiara

1:26 am

Bacherlorette wearing my glasses

1:34 am

Some girls we danced with at Drink

1:37 am

Girls that we danced with

2:11 am

Take it in

2:51 am

on the roof of our hotel!!!!!!

2:59 am

Skyline, heh

1:10 pm

lunch at majors

5:25 pm

finally home. we straight up RAN mpls this weekend

7:05 pm

Dinner at chilis.

10:19 pm

huh. just accidentally took a 4 hour nap.