Friday, September 21, 2007

I took 14 photos and wrote 3 microblogs. I was in Johnston and West des Moines, Iowa.

9:50 am

My new wallpapers at work

2:14 pm

really stuffed from huhot

6:48 pm

road rally preparty at tonic!

7:18 pm

The Mosler

7:20 pm

The Mosler MT900

7:36 pm

Tonic and The Mosler

7:57 pm

Construction, Sky, Crane

8:01 pm

Tonic and 2030 road rally Signs

8:34 pm

Ryan's AMX

8:34 pm

Buick GSX

8:35 pm

Trans Am and Dodge Viper RT/10

8:36 pm

63 Land Rover and a Vette z06

8:49 pm

Ryan's AMX

9:18 pm


9:22 pm


9:23 pm

Mercedes Ridin Rims

10:32 pm

goin to bed. gotta be up before the sun is up tomorrow.