September 20, 2009

I checked in to 8 places, took 96 photos, and wrote 13 microblogs. I was in Chicago, Hampshire, Rockford, near Gonoa Bluff, and Ankeny.

At soundbar. Hat + tennis shoes + bag were a bit of a problem. Solved
At soundbar. It is BANGING. And we have bottle service. Wish so bad diverse could see this.
Its gettin late but I don't mind.
And I'm in soundbar vip, what a night, haha
God. Bless. America.
Welp. Bedtime again. On the floor this time.
I just randomly passed out while takin a pee. Woke up to my friends screamin for an ambulance.... huge gash in my head, lots of blood. 20 comments
checked in at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
Slammin a dewsk at the hospital. Waitin to get my head stitched. 3 comments
5 staples and a tetanus shot, feelin pretty good. Now just waitin on ct scan results.... 5 comments
Discharged! Finally bout to head back to iowa. Definitely need some foodies. 1 comment
checked in at Road Ranger, Hampshire, Illinois
German has missed every exit so far, haha 2 comments
checked in at Walmart Supercenter, Rockford, Illinois
checked in at E State St & Buckley Dr, Rockford, IL , United States, Rockford, Illinois
Drivin home from Iowa city with Benz. Going 5mph on the highway
checked in at near Gonoa Bluff, IA, United States, near Gonoa Bluff, Iowa
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
Finally home. What a day... What a weekend. 2 comments