Saturday, September 20, 2008

I took 17 photos and wrote 15 microblogs. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:08 am

this party seriously died off as soon as bob and cheryl left. those punks. ;) shoulda stayed, smoked a cigar, and had fun.

2:00 am

A whole ton of cheese

2:46 am

well the party ended with a dude making steph's head sore. what a punk. kari, steph, and i are chilling.

10:16 am

pottery barn hide-a-beds are more comfortable than my real bed.
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10:21 am

@mikehaper i agree.

10:39 am

somehow google on my cell phone became not english

1:08 pm

Part of Steph's Place

1:38 pm

grabbin some potbelly and heading to steph n manuels.

2:34 pm

why do people talk and act retarded when they are holding a baby?

3:07 pm

The weird hospital by Steph and Manuel's

3:15 pm

At Steph and Manuel's

3:31 pm

goin to meet jon and elizabeth at injoy for some beer on a patio

3:54 pm

Jon's Mazda RX7 with a Corvette LS1 in it. wtf

4:06 pm

At Injoy

4:07 pm

At Injoy

4:09 pm

At Injoy

4:09 pm

At Injoy

4:10 pm

just looked at jon's crazy car. he put a corvette ls1 in his mazda rx7

4:16 pm

Patio Wifey

5:21 pm

cubs win!

6:18 pm

Jon's Snake

6:32 pm

havin a coors at jon and elizabeth's.

8:22 pm

finally at tag's place. gettin ready to head out.

9:28 pm

dinner at sushi wabi. excited.
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9:49 pm

our party at wabi keeps growing. from 3 to 5 to 7, haha

9:52 pm

Caterpillar Roll at Sushi Wabi.

11:17 pm

Mitzvah Tank!

11:17 pm

Harper Telling the Jewish Dude Why He Doesn't Buy Judaism

11:21 pm

Heh, you ate pirate's booty.

11:29 pm

at subterranean.

11:42 pm

Harper's Ridiculous Mustache

11:45 pm

Tag and Harper