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  • Art - Some old Kusama stuff
  • Art - Some rad art next to a rad girl
  • Art - Finally got a 1010 piece
  • Art - Chuck made us this stainless steel DM skyline. I threw an LED behind it for fun. It looks cool.
  • Art - Look at this bunny
  • Art - Meteor shower bunny

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Chicago or Des Moines?

The question is not about where I want to live, because the answer would obviously be Chicago. However, that can't happen right now, so... I want to make this piece of art that is basically a skyline sitting on a chunk of earth. The actual skyline would be black painted metal sitting on a piece of "earth" to give a sort of glacial effect. The earth would be made of plywood... read more
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Pocket Bike, Shed, Art, etc

This weekend was different. Mainly because I had nothing to do, and even more mainly because Kari was out of town. What do you do when you have no plans and no girlfriend? You hang out with your single buddies. But then most of my single friends were out of town - Weak... read more
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