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  • Do I Sue Metallica? Or Do I Sue Harper? posted - 48 comments

    I sorta feel like I could sue someone's pants off Napster style, but obviously I'm not even going to try; because I like Harper and I like Metallica. So let me explain. I went and bought the new Metallica CD today - Death Magnetic. And once I got it, I immediately opened the CD up and started flipping through the coffin booklet... which sort of resembles a hairy vagina on the cover, but that's beside the point... read more

  • How Flickr's GeoTagging Made Me Lose 1/4 of 2008 posted - 6 comments

    I love maps. I've always loved maps. I love seeing the places I've been on a map, crossing places off, and planning where I'll go next. When I was a little kid, my grandma always gave me a calendar/planner from my grandpa's company. It was one of those little yearly pocket calendar things the size of a checkbook, you know... read more

  • Twenty Seven Years Young posted

    So, most of you know that in our house, we celebrate birthmonths rather than birthdays... and now that my 27th birthday month is officially over, I figured it's safe to go ahead and blog about what's been up. My actual birthday is August 5th, however this year it officially started June 22, haha. See, if you know my wife, you'll know that she absolutely sucks at keeping secrets and hiding gifts. She gets so damn excited about the gift that you pretty much get it immediately - and if not, she'll ask you every day if you want to open your present... read more

  • Iowa River Float Number 2 posted - 2 comments

    I am an awful blogger. I haven't even talked about having a birthday yet, heh. But first, let's talk about tubing. Last weekend, Nathan setup our 2nd tubing trip. He set one up for us last year, which was quite a blast... read more

  • Josh's Wedding and Minneapolis posted

    So, Josh's wedding was last weekend and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the ceremony. Jeff, Nathan, and I actually all got to stand in it, which is awesome. The rehearsal was Thursday evening, so Jeff, Iulia, Nathan, and I drove up that morning - straight to Front Street Bar and Grill in Morgan. We each had a couple beers then went over to the church for the rehearsal. Rehearsal was pretty smooth despite the 18 person bridal party - seriously... read more

  • 515 Alive 2008 posted - 4 comments

    This event is ridiculous - and not necessarily in a good way. I remember the first year I went - in 03 I was pretty excited about such an "urban" music festival. But at that point, I was a bedroom DJ myself, fresh out of college, and had never been to a real music event like lollapalooza - or even 80/35. I know, bad comparison, but still. I'm comparing success to - not success... read more

  • Turbo Hates Women, Jordan Hates Late Dinner posted - 2 comments

    Last weekend my buddy Turbo had a "He-Man Woman Hater" party. When he first told me about it I was like, "huh... cool name, Aaron." I figured he'd made it up, but it turns out it's a real club from The Little Rascals. The He-Man Woman Haters Club was... wait for it... read more

  • The difference between Kari and Nathan posted - 3 comments

    So last night at 3:00am I woke up, looked over and swore that my buddy Nathan was in my bed. I sat there for 5 minutes - out of it - trying to figure out wtf was going on. Why is Nathan in my bed? Why is Kari not in my bed? Apparently the back of Kari's head looks sorta like Nathan's when it's dark and 3am... read more

  • Iowa's New Hockey Team: The Iowa Chops posted - 5 comments

    Are you kidding me? This name RULES. It's hilarious, true to Iowa, and... well it's the IOWA CHOPS, haha. How can you seriously not like that? read more

  • 80/35 Music Fest posted - 2 comments

    First of all, if you didn't buy tickets for the 80/35 Music festival, then you missed out on a great fest. And thanks for supporting the local live music scene, assholes. Des Moines' live music scene hasn't been successful because of you. So now that that's out of the way. 80/35 was excellent for its first year... read more

  • The Ultimate Drive (round 2) posted - 1 comment

    So back in 05, Nehru brought me along to the BMW/Susan G. Komen Ultimate Drive, which is a pretty amazing event. You show up and drive decked out BMWs on a ~15 mile route around the city... and they do their best to give you a fun route with varying speeds. It's a yearly event that travels around the country (so check the website to see when it's in your town) and it's completely free... read more

  • Father's Day Plus Seven posted - 1 comment

    So since we were in Kansas City during Father's day, we sorta made it up last weekend, which worked out quite nicely with my sister being in town and all. Friday, we went to my dad's for a family get together/baby worship service. It was a good time and definitely nice to see some friends/relatives. Dad's place is really starting to shape up too. Saturday, we headed over to Kari's parents house with a pitstop in Sutliff to check out the flood damage... read more

  • Nathan's 30th Birthday posted

    Alright, I've got some blogging to catch up on... Sooo, 3 Fridays ago, Nathan, Josh, Chuck, Nick, Tobbie, Kari, and I all headed down to KC for Nathan's 30th Birthday. ... I guess Ando and Twee came too - but once we got to KC we saw them for about 36 minutes. And if I remember right, Jeff and Iulia may have been there for about 14 minutes as well... read more

  • My iPod Classic Review posted - 3 comments

    So I got an ipod classic a few weeks ago, which is the 4th ipod that I've owned (5th if you count Kari's nano). And even though my first ipod classic went completely corrupt and I had to replace it... I really do love this ipod. The metal front is nice, 160gb rules, and the soft/firmware on it is definitely awesome. I know it's been reviewed 1,000 times, but I figured I'd talk about some of the features I like/don't like... read more

  • Josh's Memorial Day Bachelor Party posted - 1 comment

    Bachelor parties with my buddies and I are a little different than what you expect from a normal bachelor party. We don't really do the whole stripper thing, mainly because strip clubs are sort of played out. I mean, I guess people go to strip clubs on bachelor parties to remind you that there are other naked (and sluttier) bodies out there... and how you can't have those anymore. It sort of fits the bill, but whatever... read more

  • Master Kari Brooks posted - 1 comment

    So my wife got her masters and is now officially qualified for the job she's been doing for the past 3 years. ;) I'm proud of her - even if she doesn't really see it as that big of an accomplishment. I guess when you love school as much as Kari does - it's no thing. But also - apparently Drake is way easy not as awesome as Cornell College... I don't think she learned a whole lot of new things at Drake, which is a sad thing for a person who loves to learn... read more

  • From a Sidekick 3 to a Blackberry Curve posted - 6 comments

    I've been an avid sidekick supporter since I got my Sidekick 2 back on 04. I upgraded to a Sidekick 3 in 06, and I bought my wife a sidekick slide earlier this year... but now, I'm switching. Why? The Sidekick is just moving way, way too slow... read more

  • Econonic Stimulus and Mothers Day 08 posted

    So, I'm not really sure what I think about this economic stimulus package, but I sure as hell accepted it and decided to use it just like the government told me. When our check came friday, Kari and I decided to do a mini shopping spree. I upgraded my personal electronics with a 160gb ipod and a blackberry curve. Kari, on the other hand, is buying fancy clothes. It was a lot of fun... read more

  • Fake Easter, Partying, and Such posted

    I've gotten really, really, really bad at blogging lately. I hope it's not because I've been less awesome and have less to talk about. Hopefully it's just because I'm being so productive on other things... or something. But I've also been taking way less pictures than normal and I don't really know how I feel about this... read more

  • Chicago Cubs Visit posted - 3 comments

    Oh man. What a good visit to Chicago. So, if you didn't know, I went with Bob, Todd and, Tiny (who's really like a 6'5" dude) for a Cubs game. As soon as we got to town, we went to Threadless to see Harper, hang out, talk tech, etc. Then we all got stuffed pizza at Chicago pizza, had a beer at some sketchy bar and parted ways... read more