Monday, April 27, 2009

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 8 microblogs.

8:12 am

aw man. i wish today was sunday.

9:41 am

hurray for shitstorm mondays!

3:05 pm

chillin out, working. listening to some of andy bauer's newer music. weird, awesome stuff.

5:21 pm

@KevinSwitzer nice. now i'm just gonna keep stealing his pants til he laughs

5:28 pm

leavin work and headin to broomball. excited to run around.

9:35 pm

done with broomball. want food. want beer.
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11:04 pm

11:05 pm

i am horrible at writing short blogs. no matter how hard a try.

11:08 pm

Joyce Turns 60 in Chicago