I turned 30 years old and celebrated 6 years with Kari

  • 180.6 lbs

    average weight

    ranging from 177 to 190 lbs
  • 477

    miles walked

    averaging 4.5 mi per day
  • 129

    miles biked

    averaging 5.6 mi per ride
  • 7.1

    average hours asleep

    and 7.9 hours in bed
  • 1,507

    photos taken

    across 253 days
  • 2,442

    check ins

    averaging 7 per day
  • 1,779

    microblog entries

    averaging 4.9 per day
  • 5

    blog entries

    7 less than 2010
  • 165

    days away from home

    156 outside my state
  • 8

    states visited

    California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin
  • 7


    3 more than 2010

Big remarks


@jeffrey i take it you don't use native e-mail clients on your computers either? it kills me every time i click those and mail setup opens.

Why do people use email signatures that advertise which device they sent their message with? Irrelevant douchebaggery at it's finest.

Getting mom an iPad 2 for Christmas felt amazing. I'm pretty sure she's never gonna turn on her windows laptop again. :)

So, the first lady stopped by to hang out at our offices today... Also, my job is ridiculous and amazing.

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