Friday, August 5, 2022

I slept 7.5 hours, checked in to 6 places, took 24 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, walked 5.15 miles, and weighed 179.2 pounds. I was in Iowa and Minnesota.

6:27 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.5 hours

6:39 am

2:00 pm

Checked in at The Reynolds Project, Nevada, Iowa

2:03 pm

Got an American Pie from Teresa

3:46 pm

Checked in at Trail's Travel Center, Albert Lea, Minnesota

3:59 pm

Kari found bloody mary flavored beef jerky and dill pickle curds for our road trip snackin. It was a great combo.

6:20 pm

Thowin on some Bob Dylan at the AirBnB

6:23 pm

Checked in at Second and Second Apartments, Minneapolis, Minnesota

6:51 pm

Home for a couple days

7:04 pm

We are currently Sorry

7:14 pm

Checked in at Cobble Social House, Minneapolis, Minnesota

7:46 pm

41 year old foggy geezer

8:05 pm


8:24 pm


8:26 pm

Beautiful night in North Loop MPLS

8:30 pm

Laser lips

8:34 pm

Checked in at Kado No Mise, Minneapolis, Minnesota

8:42 pm

Startin off with some pickled things at Kado no Mise

8:46 pm

Shigeyuki Soma was a great chef to hang with

9:01 pm

Toro, Sawa Crab, and cucs

9:15 pm


9:23 pm

Managatsuo (I think)

9:43 pm

Kohada sushi

9:58 pm

Pickles n fishies

10:04 pm

When uni is good, it is very good... and this was very good uni.

10:14 pm

Tamago Girl

10:37 pm

Kari and Me @ Kado No Mise

10:55 pm

Birthday Nightcap at Gori Gori Peku

11:13 pm

Checked in at Gori Gori Peku, Minneapolis, Minnesota

11:16 pm

Just had the best sushi experience that I've had since visiting Japan for my birthday 3 years ago. Omakase at Kado No Mise in Minneapolis is legit. Very, very legit.

11:34 pm

This was a good birthday

11:42 pm

The moment is gone. It can't come back.

11:52 pm

Kari's mom sent us with a lil baby rhubarb/strawberry pie!