This is a collection of 19,064 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 15.59 years.

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Nearly every time that we order half and half pizzas from @FongsPizza, they fuck it up… and I have to imagine that there’s just some poor user interface in their kitchen/order management software or something. This happens nowhere else that we order from.

Chilling at this pitch black campground with my buds and 2 DNR dudes just stepped out of the shadows and told us to keep it down and then disappeared back into shadows.

If you (or @kbroox) accidentally reset a Bluetooth sonos speaker while away from home, you cannot use it again until you get back to your home sonos network to set it back up. wtaf, @sonos.

My dog just found a walnut in the back yard, cracked it, and then ate the nuts out of it. How did he know??

Anyone ever talk about TV shows? I love getting together and talking about TV shows.

When I talked to my former manager about leaving the company to take a break from the tech industry, she asked me to send a formal resignation email to kick off the HR process. Here’s what I sent… t.co/47RLXqUwxg

Goin camping in the land of no cell phone service. If you don’t hear from us… just wait longer.

Listening to Pink Floyd - Animals and my dog just went and yelled at the entire neighborhood after Dogs started playing.

Just set up my fake paycheck and allowance for the foreseeable future.

Very interested to see how this plays out alongside these stellar world markets…

I just found some American Eagle dungarees shorts with light stitching and a hammer holder in my dresser

My friend @BENovator invited me to play golf at a private club this week. I looked up the dress code…

Not Permitted: Short shorts, cutoff shorts, cargo shorts, athletic wear, swimwear, and T-shirts.

Someone is gonna need to dress me. Plz help.