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this morning:
- wrote code for a couple contract gigs
- voted
- received laptop for the job i start on monday
- got a competing job offer
- 😵‍💫

I love watching dudes rise to power only to show the world that they’re really just a little bitch boys.

If you care about your neighbors, the earth, future generations, and/or continuing to have a voice, vote.

Make time today or tomorrow and vote.

Kari’s having a teacher brunch that turned into me making old fashioneds for folks. I’ve never made an old fashioned this early.

Huh, a whole World Series happened without me ever hearing about it.

That doesn’t seem possible.

Anyone else navigate their Apple Watch with their nose while your other hand isn’t free?

took my dog, durby for an after dinner walk with a lil tumbler of chocolate cake stout beer. halfway through, he saw a bunny, bolted, and now my face, hair and jacket are wearing more beer than i consumed.

aren't dogs just the best?

when i worked at venmo, the description of the core API's github repo was, "it's like your phone and your baby had a wallet."

i still think about that whenever i use venmo.

Our good friends, Red and Rik are blaring OT Genesis - Cut It for their wedding cake cutting song, lolol.

Takeout brunch. Iowa football. Pedicures. Manicures. Shopping. Hooning. Walks. Cocktails. Solid dinner. Good music.

It was a good day to be hanging and celebrating with my fav person.