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Does all of America feel like it’s digressing in terms of progress?

Or is this just exacerbated because I live in a red state that is digressing particularly quickly?

Is the only reliable way to have text conversations between androids and iPhones to use something other than the native messaging apps?

I’ve not been inspired by a person my age or older in quite some time. These younger generations tho…

I hope we don’t fuck it all up for them.

Dude shows up to fell a dying tree on my property. I walk out to greet him and he says, “Well look at you in your carhart! You workin out here today?”

… no.

I wrote a blog about home automation while on a recent flight.

My wife is currently reading it while hysterically laughing and making big fun of me for being a nerd.

Just had two pints of fresh Jai Alai at the cigar city brewery with kevi double o sevi. Oh yeah.

this foundation bullshit that i'm dealing with is making me physically ill.

god, i hate homeownership so much.

Casey’s cashier: what’s in your box, honey?
Me: potato ch-
Old woman behind me interrupts: lots of love. That’s what’s in my box.

I am laying in bed and all I can smell is curry from supper earlier.

I hope that everyone else enjoyed my scent this evening.

Good hockey is good. Live hockey always makes me wanna get back in the game.

Is 41 too old to start playing again? 41 feels too old to start playing again.