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i just started ordering hockey gear... cause 43 seems like a good age to get back into this sport.

My Broomball team went into the playoffs in 4th place, beat an undefeated team in the second round, made it to the finals and took second place in the league. Feels pretty good, man.

Today, I went snowboarding in Montana. And then ate elk tartar and wild boar ragu with a couple buds. It was a good day.

i am having a very hard time prioritizing my allowance between bronco upgrades, concerts, tattoos, hockey equipment, home audio upgrades, and travel.

We’re in overtime at this basketball game and the guy behind just had a really good idea. He said, “we just gotta score on every possession.”

Last night @kbroox and I had courtside seats to a basketball game where the score was 157-156, with 2 buzzer beaters in the last 3 seconds to flip the game back and forth. It was a very fun game.

Financial advisor just said that Kari and I have a 90% probability of retiring by 55 and continuing to live our current lifestyle… but that didn’t include any Ferraris.

So I apparently need to make some changes.

Just won our broomball game. With no subs. Whew.

I accidentally took their best player out a couple times.

They did not like that.

Just asked for mushrooms on my sandwich at potbelly and the sandwich maker said, “you seem like a fun guy” and we laughed and laughed.