This is a collection of 19,102 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 15.71 years.

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Bout to jump on a plane with a few dudes and land on a v remote lake that has 1 cabin, a few boats, and a shit ton of walleye in it.

Off the grid for a bit.
Gone fishin.

Whenever a support rep asks if you have any more questions for them, it’s fun to just ask them for free stuff… even though it almost never works.

Me: we’ll be homebrewing in the garage for the next 3-4 hours
Me, 8 hours later: where did this all go wrong

Me: I just have so much to do. I’ve gotta put the Jeep back together, take the dog to day care, clean the garage, brew beer…
Kari: … I have to go to my job.
Me: … noted. yeah. ok. sorry.

Just had the best sushi experience that I've had since visiting Japan for my birthday 3 years ago. Omakase at Kado No Mise in Minneapolis is legit. Very, very legit.

3 months of not working and I still have very little desire to get back to a traditional job in the tech industry. Free boi summer continues.

It’s kinda surreal to see old skaters like Mike Vallely and Brandon Novak just chillin around our lil Iowa city this weekend.

Just went to the dew tour in Des Moines. It was super fun to hear all of the young girls being all stoked to see Sky Brown rip around the park.

An old man just did a triple juke around me in the men’s room. Sneaker squeaks and all. Great form.

My golf game has much room for improvement, hahah. Regardless, it’s still so much fun to be hanging outside and swingin clubs with good folks. I’m very glad that this game has re-entered my life.

Now, if we could work on these lame-ass dress codes.

Our dog now picks cucumbers out of our garden and brings them back to his dog bed to gnaw on…