Saturday, November 10, 2007

I took 19 photos and wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Ankeny and Clive, Iowa.

12:00 am

I take pictures of people that I have beef with

12:00 am

Ando and Kari

12:13 am

Nathan and Drea

12:16 am

PJ 2 Go

12:24 am


12:27 am

Trent, Ando, and Dude

12:36 am

I don't even know how to caption this.

12:42 am

I take pictures of people that have beef with me

12:43 am


12:43 am

Look at every person in this photo. It's all good.
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12:46 am

We became buddies

1:01 am

Trent and NPL

1:20 am

Note Pads

1:42 am

It was her divorce party, she wanted to dance, Trent was in love
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1:58 am

Chanelle washing bar rags on Trent's stomach

1:59 am


3:40 am

Quarter to four is a late night in dsm! Time for bed.

3:40 am

quarter to 4 is a dsm late night. time for bed!

3:02 pm

on the west side... at valley west mall.

3:23 pm

Photo from the Sidekick LX - still crappy.

3:27 pm

Screenshot from the Sidekick LX Browser
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3:40 pm

Screenshot from the Sidekick 3 Browser

8:21 pm

ankeny okoboji with nick.

9:32 pm

poker at trent's