Friday, November 16, 2007

I took 17 photos and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in Iowa and Missouri.

8:04 am

packing, then heading to work

9:50 am

just got my first paycheck, weeee!
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12:27 pm

i need a lunch buddy!

1:41 pm

finishing up some work then heading down to KC

4:11 pm

Red 5 Mug

4:23 pm

everyone just cracked beers at work and im leaving for kc, dammit!

6:28 pm

sittin on the side of the road in MO. freakin cops.

7:46 pm

i am night rainbow!

9:28 pm

At the hotel

9:30 pm

Pouring out some Fancy Boulevard

9:43 pm

Ando and I (1/2): This version was apparently gay

9:43 pm

Ando and I (2/2): Being tougher ?

10:02 pm

Enjoying an Apple

10:15 pm

Rachel Foolery

10:27 pm

dinner at tom fooleries!

10:48 pm

The New Marlboro Phone

11:02 pm

blonde, KCMO

11:14 pm

Ando and Eboni

11:15 pm

At Blonde

11:19 pm

Candle Clock at Blonde

11:22 pm

Nathan and Eboni

11:26 pm

Me, Ando, and Eboni

11:27 pm

Bartender at Blonde VIP
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11:44 pm


11:48 pm

So busted.

11:58 pm

Becky Braces