Friday, November 9, 2007

I took 34 photos and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Johnston and Ankeny, Iowa.

7:35 am

@lucky33 mh has a starbucks!?!?
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8:12 am

last day of pioneer - there better be bagels!

8:42 am

1 Last Friendly Reminder

9:24 am

A passed Rico's huge cob onto Moo

10:38 am

Jeremy Playing Wii

10:38 am

playing wii in 2e.

10:39 am

Dwong playing Wii

10:48 am

Minnis Wii

10:48 am

Steve Figuring out the Wii
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11:11 am

Nick about to play Wii

11:24 am

r00 with an outstanding forearm

11:32 am

Steve Wii Boxing
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11:36 am

Wii Boxing in my PHI gear

11:36 am

Jeremy and Dwong

12:27 pm

waukee taki!!!

1:54 pm

Representin with my Cardigan
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2:38 pm

waukee taki!

4:04 pm

Shutting down my pioneer pc for the last time and heading for the bar!

4:39 pm

Same Team!

4:43 pm

At the cAb

4:47 pm

Jerry and Zach

5:33 pm

At the Cab

5:38 pm

Dan, Rico, and Doug

5:51 pm


6:06 pm

r00's beer

7:01 pm


7:24 pm

I imagine this is not the first time this has happened...

7:24 pm

Nick and Becky

7:25 pm

Oh boy.

10:22 pm

Becky Playing Wii

10:27 pm

we some how ended up with a party at my place. come out!

10:31 pm

Staying clear of Becky's Wii
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10:31 pm

An intimate moment

10:35 pm

Wii Baseball

10:56 pm

Wii Boxing

10:58 pm

Wii Boxing
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10:58 pm

Wii Boxing

11:00 pm

Wii Boxing

11:38 pm

At Stix

11:55 pm

How Nathan Pulls Girls

11:58 pm

How Nathan Pulls Girls