Saturday, November 3, 2007

I wrote 1 blog, took 39 photos, and wrote 6 microblogs. I was in Ankeny, Iowa.

1:51 am

just got home from stix with trent. i sometimes wonder why janelle treats me so well. she's a good lady... another free night o drinks.

11:18 am

running around, then off to keith and kate's reception. kari has said "kete and kaith" about 15 times today.

4:56 pm

A bundle of LEDs from Lindsey

5:46 pm


5:54 pm

Blogged about Uncle Broox

5:54 pm

getting ready to host a party.

6:03 pm

7:35 pm

in costume andready to party. i look amazing.

8:34 pm

Britney Spears

8:37 pm

Ando, working on Nathan's grill

8:43 pm

Nathan - as Me
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8:49 pm

Nathan - as Me
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8:55 pm

Ando and Nathan

9:00 pm

Dining Room

9:03 pm


9:05 pm

come party at my house!
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9:19 pm

Rico's real costume idea fell through

9:23 pm

Cabbage Head and Megan the 60s Flight Attendant

9:23 pm


9:24 pm

Shrek and Fiona

9:24 pm

Britney Spears getting a beer

9:28 pm

Jake and Ania

9:28 pm


9:29 pm

Ando playing Pong

9:37 pm

Scary Ninja Cheerleader Face

9:39 pm

Ninja Coach

9:48 pm


9:48 pm

Rico Wins

10:04 pm


10:04 pm

Kraftwerk, Shrek, and Cabbage Head

10:06 pm

Bell Boy Zombie

10:09 pm

Bell Boy and Chauffeur Zombies

10:23 pm

Skull Candle

10:48 pm

Jones Candy Corn Soda

10:50 pm

Britney Spears

11:00 pm

How Winnie the Pooh has to pee

11:00 pm

Pooh is Pissed

11:02 pm


11:07 pm


11:09 pm


11:27 pm


11:33 pm

Iulia and Jeff

11:36 pm

Me and Richard Simmons

11:36 pm

Nick and Rico

11:37 pm

Inappropriate chaos

11:41 pm

Tara Playing Ping Pong