Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I took 16 photos and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in Iowa City and Coralville, Iowa.

7:41 am

really wishing that i wouldnt have slammed that diet coke before bed. i slept like hell.

12:06 pm

christian photo only offered me $200 for my novatron 240. time for craigslist.

1:36 pm

headin to iowa city.

3:18 pm

kari's dad thinks taking ninja to the hotel is a bad idea - meetin in coralville to drop him off...

3:44 pm

John's Grocery
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6:28 pm

chillin at the sheraton. drinkin smithwick's. ready to get this night started.

7:26 pm

ah crap. kari and i brought matching shirts. need to switch to plan b.

8:30 pm

at iowa river power company - bout to get dinner.

9:46 pm

Creme Brulee - with some fancy

10:40 pm

at the union!!! hahaha. vip style

11:01 pm

me and German

11:02 pm

Diverse at the Union

11:05 pm

German and I

11:15 pm

Kari turns away when you test your flash on her

11:41 pm

Diverse at The Union

11:41 pm

Kari and I

11:41 pm

partyin hard. some college chicks just said kari was a cute 30 year old, haha

11:43 pm


11:44 pm

Kids at the Union

11:50 pm

Red and Dude

11:55 pm

Peeps at the Union

11:55 pm

At the Union

11:56 pm


11:59 pm

At the Union

11:59 pm

Union Balloon Drop