Thursday, January 1, 2009

I took 26 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Iowa City, Iowa.

12:00 am


12:01 am

Balloon Money!

12:08 am


12:14 am


12:14 am


12:14 am

farkin happy new year frackers

12:15 am


12:21 am


12:22 am

German and Dude

12:22 am

Kari and I

12:23 am

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12:24 am


12:24 am


12:45 am

A good song

12:45 am


12:51 am

Dancing Dude

12:52 am


12:53 am

Hair and Earrings
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12:57 am


1:01 am

Me and Red

1:09 am

Battle Dance Pep Talk

1:13 am

Diverse and Red

1:15 am

At the Union

1:20 am

German and I, ha

1:20 am

My beard is gettin ridiculous

1:21 am

On the stage

1:22 am

Diverse, German, and I

1:56 am

omg. i forgot how amazing the iowa city pedmall is. haha

2:45 am

eh, after hours is really not necessary at this point.

10:43 am

man, i need to get me a king sized bed. maybe with an essex mattress like this one.

12:22 pm

headin to marion for lunch - and to pick up ninja

3:21 pm

finally headin home

3:49 pm

@germanation im gonna show with a six pack and plop down next to him.

5:11 pm

back at home. that was a pretty awesome NYE celebration.

6:46 pm

weve been home like an hour and kari wants to get out of the house... i dont know where to take her.
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11:27 pm

w00t, now when i re-tag a photo on my site, it also retags my photo on flickr. now, hopefully yahoo decides to keep flickr around.