Friday, March 2, 2018

I checked in to 7 places, took 29 photos, walked 3.31 miles, and weighed 180.7 pounds. I was in Iowa and Minnesota.

11:58 am

Checked in at Fleur Car Wash, Des Moines, Iowa

2:48 pm

Someone stole this from Mowan's last year and it ended up in my house. Excited to return it.

3:19 pm

Checked in at Washington Carver Elementary, Des Moines, Iowa

4:05 pm

Checked in at The Reynolds Project, Nevada, Iowa

4:24 pm

Fancy girl

5:38 pm

Checked in at Kum & Go, Clear Lake, Iowa

7:40 pm

Checked in at Best Western Plus New Ulm, New Ulm, Minnesota

8:00 pm

Checked in at Lamplighter Bar & Grill, New Ulm, Minnesota

8:46 pm

Dinner selfie

9:01 pm

Look at this guy

9:51 pm

Checked in at American Legion Post New Um, New Ulm, Minnesota

10:01 pm


10:11 pm


10:52 pm

Having a good time with Artie

10:52 pm

Just a normal day at the Legion

10:53 pm

Just doin normal things at the Legion

10:55 pm

Having a ball

10:57 pm

Shirts n Skins 7-14-21

10:58 pm


10:58 pm

Twenty one

11:02 pm

The girls corner

11:04 pm


11:06 pm


11:07 pm

Happy to be passing it on

11:08 pm

An intense game

11:10 pm

All eyes on the twenty one

11:11 pm


11:12 pm

Twenty one!

11:13 pm


11:15 pm


11:18 pm


11:18 pm

Deer brand

11:21 pm

"You gotta take it!"

11:22 pm


11:22 pm


11:28 pm

Seven Up