Saturday, March 3, 2018

I checked in to 5 places, took 47 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 9.01 miles. I was in New Ulm, Minnesota.

12:18 am

Tummy darts were a bad choice.

12:21 am

Shirtless belly button darts seemed like a great idea when we started...

1:45 am

Jeff brought cookies

2:03 am

Bubble Hockey

2:30 am

Checked in at Best Western Plus New Ulm, New Ulm, Minnesota

9:43 am

Pork chops

11:11 am

Checked in at August Schell Brewing Company, New Ulm, Minnesota

11:27 am


11:28 am

Makin a snowball

11:41 am

Chuck, about to devastate Bock Fest

11:43 am

"Let's make a snow man!" "on that bird bath!"

11:45 am


11:46 am

First Bocks

12:10 pm

Gettin depantsed is fun.

12:45 pm


12:50 pm

Some nice ladies about to cross the stream

12:51 pm

Hangin out on this frozen river

1:00 pm


1:07 pm

Hey Kari. How's it goin over there?

1:08 pm

These ladies were making lots of little snow penises

1:15 pm

Hangin on this river

1:28 pm

Craig and his fancy beads

2:01 pm

Herrrrre comes Artie!

2:04 pm

Megan hangin with security

2:13 pm

Let's see how many pull-ups you can do!

2:18 pm

some long time Bock Festers

2:19 pm


2:40 pm

Look at this guy

2:51 pm

Cig time

2:52 pm

An amazing man with an amazing stache

2:52 pm

Jeff's stache

2:57 pm

Smiley pours a beer with his Concertina

3:06 pm

Because there's not already enough to drink at a beer festival ...

3:10 pm

Uh oh. Big boy's tummy's upset.

3:10 pm

Front row seats for the puker

3:14 pm

Gettin that first poke

3:14 pm

Megan's first poke

3:17 pm

Bock Fest Crew

3:41 pm

Crown Royal Cargo Pants

3:48 pm

A quick selfie with Ted Marti

3:50 pm

Girlies gettin pics

3:50 pm

Bock Fest Girls

3:50 pm

The queen of bock

3:55 pm

Just having a good ol time

3:55 pm

I assume Miley Cyrus was playing or something

4:02 pm

"Tia, what are you doing!?"

7:28 pm

Checked in at Green Mill Restaurant & Bar, New Ulm, Minnesota

7:54 pm

Being romantic with Tia

8:57 pm

Checked in at B & L Bar, New Ulm, Minnesota

9:27 pm

Checked in at Rodney's Tavern, New Ulm, Minnesota

11:27 pm

Gettin weird

11:37 pm

I think Josh is smelling that manโ€™s hat

11:37 pm

Dance Party USA