Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I checked in to 4 places, took 11 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 2.91 miles. I was in New York.

8:32 am

Checked in at Kava Cafe, New York, New York

8:42 am

My first Nor'easter. Snow storm Toby. It snowed giant wet snowflakes for ~18 hours straight... But there was very little accumulation.

9:06 am

Checked in at PayPal New York, New York, New York

9:24 am

It seems silly to name storms like this. But it was named Toby

9:31 am

Ivan worked on his latte Instagrams at breakfast

9:32 am

Gettin that perfect Latte shot

1:23 pm

There's a girl that lives across from the Venmo office and asks us for money. People send it.

5:17 pm

I really should've brought a pair of boots to NY.

5:17 pm

Checked in at The Standard, High Line, New York, New York

6:57 pm

Checked in at The Standard Grill, New York, New York

8:00 pm

Havin a cocktail with Ivan

8:03 pm

Havin a cocktail with Ivan

8:19 pm

This morning I added a remastered INXS - Kick vinyl to my Amazon cart, forgot to hit buy, and now it is sold out. ugh.. UGH. Ahhh. hah haaaa.

8:25 pm

It was Harper's birthday, so we got a cake to celebrate

8:38 pm

Havin birthday cake and a selfie to celebrate Harper's birthday

10:19 pm

The hotel lounge

10:19 pm

The hotel lounge was cool