Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I wrote 7 microblogs.

8:50 am

Catching up on yesterday's tweets... was there a tornado in the area, or what?

9:07 am

@right65 @ibcheerful yep. Getting spammed from you twice a week.

9:39 am

@milksteakneggs does the app give you notifications?

9:46 am

Worse than the actual being sick part is how lame I feel when I'm sick. Pussin out... So dumb.

5:14 pm

I hate time_t and mktime so hard right now.

5:17 pm

@LeviRosol there's a nice android widget for Google tasks.

8:37 pm

Today was incredible. Got so much done on this sick day/hack day... and now I'm gonna try not to look at a computer for a minute.