April 8, 2010

I checked in to 5 places, took 3 photos, and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Ankeny, Des Moines, Urbandale, and West Des Moines.

@DreaArzuaga hell yea. let me know. are we going to chameleons and ordering up all their appetizers? 2 comments
so today i brought my longboard to ride to lunch after the iphone event, but... gma just called to meet for lunch... being a good grandson.
checked in at El Rodeo, Urbandale, Iowa
checked in at maria groceries indian supermarket, Des Moines, Iowa
hey apple, you're a bit late, but welcome to the multitask party! oh... and sorry, we're outta punch. 3 comments
checked in at Red 5 Interactive, West Des Moines, Iowa
did jobs really say, "search is not happening on phones." really? ...iAd is amazing though - and i'm super stoked for the multitasking ipad.
BAM! just had a triumphant raphael/js victory... so triumphant that i needed that redundancy.
man. i did NOT even have to use my AK today. 1 comment
checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa
@reddhed hell yeah dude!
@annamaniac4u and you just stole my francies mayorship! Nooooooo. 1 comment
Apparently this means my pants are rare? I this a small run?
Apparently this means my pants are rare? I this a small run? - Photo: bkite.com/49gr9
@mg your damn relocation requirement! ;)
checked in at Stix, Ankeny, Iowa
Stixin wit the neighbors. And their old neighbors. And Jesse. 3 comments

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