Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I took 1 photo and wrote 11 microblogs. I was in Des Moines, Iowa.

8:12 am

i wonder if all these HS facebook friend requests are due to our upcoming 10 year reunion, ha. it's awesome to see what everyone's up to.

8:42 am

9:19 am

apparently i'm in a contract with tmobile til may 9, 2010. that is a long contract.

10:20 am

anyone else hear weather sirens in #dsm? maybe #wdsm? weird.

1:39 pm

lunch at planet sub and swappin cars with wifey

4:45 pm

runnin home to make the bed and replace another lightbulb for another house showing.

5:02 pm

families who put stick figure stickers representing themselves on the backs of their cars suck shit.

6:29 pm

old chicago with yeff and julia

7:57 pm

just told wingert about my bockfest blackberry trick. haha.

8:39 pm


8:45 pm

headin back to ankeny. bout to beer skate???

9:39 pm

nofx backstage passport. and a henney!
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