Friday, April 20, 2007

I took 3 photos and wrote 9 microblogs. I was in Johnston and Des Moines, Iowa.

7:32 am

@nicolek - that sounds like an awesome way to wake up. I woke up to kari.

8:15 am

Omfg. Driving in ankeny makes me wish I had gun turrets on my car.

10:24 am

Ev'ry yard for ISU - no wonder minnis apostrophes ev'rything.

3:58 pm

I got in trouble!!!

4:34 pm

Mosso got ddos'd! Heading home making a yakuza outfit

4:50 pm

Old Chicago Merle Hay Mall - Coming soon! ...or something

4:56 pm

Almost bought this for Yakuza. It was the closest I could find.

6:51 pm

Limo, sushi. Yakuza!

7:22 pm

@ vertigo rock bar.

8:13 pm

@ Appare.

10:49 pm

Back to vertigo

11:41 pm

Broomball tournament starts in t-8 hours. I better head to bed