Sunday, April 29, 2007

I wrote 1 blog, took 17 photos, and wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Minnesota and Florida.

1:36 am

$169 Sign

10:49 am

@ Msp airport... heading to orlando

11:45 am

12:48 pm

Apparently our flight attendants are lost, hahaha. Flight delayed.

4:15 pm

In orlando... accidentally left my phone on during the entire flight

5:42 pm

Running around with kevi.

7:59 pm

Disney Boardwalk

8:02 pm

Sitting in Mickey Hands

8:12 pm

Fireworks at Disney
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8:19 pm

Jelly Rolls, Disney

8:25 pm

Going out is so much better when its on pioneer's bill

9:09 pm

Jelly Rolls, Disney

9:22 pm

Some Dutch Girl Dancing on Stage

9:26 pm

My Request List - I ended up getting, "Jesse's Girl"

9:43 pm

Jelly Rolls, Disney

9:46 pm


9:50 pm

I wish I could type the sound I imagine he's making

9:57 pm

Dutch Girls Dancing on stage

10:07 pm

Epcot - From the Boardwalk

10:11 pm

Something awesome just happened, Kevi is hysterical

10:15 pm

I love this couch

10:36 pm

At my resort

11:01 pm

A wonderful flash reflector idea that I'm gonna steal