Monday, April 30, 2007

I took 31 photos and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Florida and Minnesota.

9:35 am

At My Resort

10:06 am

Walking around the resort...

10:07 am

Some mini speedboats

10:10 am

At my resort

10:12 am

At My Resort

10:16 am

At My Resort

10:23 am

Amy and B Vaughn

10:23 am

Calling Minnis

10:23 am

B Vaughn and Jamie

10:23 am

Jamie and her BF

10:23 am

B Vaughn and Amy

10:47 am

going to learn about RFID!

11:37 am

My nametag with RFID

11:48 am

A Lizard

12:24 pm

My RFID tag

12:47 pm

There are a few sponsors - this is about half

12:47 pm

Tag Man!

2:12 pm

@zatch - what'd you buy?

2:36 pm

I suppose some swimming is in order...

2:37 pm

A weird headed duck - or something

2:55 pm

Wooo Wooooo, here comes the towel train

5:30 pm

Kevi's 3D Glasses

5:38 pm

A really weird sized table extension at BJs in Orlando

5:41 pm

Minnis' Insane Hotel
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5:49 pm

Picking up minnis, heading out for sushi

7:20 pm

Kevi's Sushi

7:20 pm

My Sushi - which was apparently not cheap

7:24 pm

Cucumber Wrapped Salmon Roe

7:40 pm

Minnis trying sushi for the first time

8:36 pm

You can't really tell from the photo - but the margarita volcano is erupting

8:49 pm

A crazy lighthouse at Universal

8:58 pm

They sped the Universal ball up a ridiculous amount

8:59 pm

Entrance to Universal Studios

9:27 pm

At the bob marley bar in city walk

9:42 pm

Some Reggae Band at Bob Marley's in the City Walk

9:50 pm

Minnis is gettin drunk!

10:13 pm

Minnis Surfing

10:14 pm

Blue Man Group

10:58 pm

midnight. work early. someone give me a wake up call?