May 15, 2007

I posted 1 photo album, wrote 1 blog, and wrote 7 microblogs.

Homebrew's bubbling over in the kitchen! Shiiiiiit!!!
@ work. Happy bdays to nicole and rico!
Our Houses For Sale
Mother's Day and PB Houses
wondering wtf everyone is. hoping for a super secret surprise party!
Trying to figure out where everyone's at. Me and Derek Wong are the only 2 peeps here
@ Continental
Just finished off the last of the templeton rye @ continental! No more til august....:(

Listened to

Timbaland, TERIYAKI BOYZ, Tenacious D, Explosive Bear, Soulwax, Know1 (Aeon Grey), The Rapture, Skee-Lo / Maurice Fulton Presents Stress / The Breeders, Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone, Nas, Lady Sovereign, Björk, Linkin Park, and Blaze & Anybody Killa