May 16, 2011

I wrote 5 microblogs. I was in Ankeny.

Just ordered a completely murdered out bicycle. All black, everything! 7 comments
@jharr @bigomaha these are awesome! 1 comment
apparently deleting over a million emails breaks your gmail account for a while... freakin CRON messages. 2 comments
A year ago today I flew to San Francisco for the first time to start my job at @dipity. 1 comment
"You have successfully sent money to [ToName]" - @dwolla (I think [ToName] is referring to you, @AlexanderDSM) 2 comments

Listened to

Ween, Parov Stelar, Tyler, The Creator, Xerxes, Isan, Natas, The Flashbulb, Godsmack, Dimmu Borgir, Shyne, Nas, and N.O.R.E.