Sunday, May 29, 2022

I slept 8.35 hours, checked in to 3 places, took 45 photos, and walked 7.60 miles. I was in Moorhead, Iowa.

8:29 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.35 hours

9:26 am

Sites 1 and 2

11:03 am

Peach Avenue

11:04 am

The Silver Stomper in the Loess Hills

11:04 am

Exploring the Loess Hills back roads with Jeff and Teresa

11:04 am

Gema is enjoying the ride

11:10 am

The Loess Hills at Preparation Canyon State park

11:21 am

Checked in at Preparation canyon state park, Moorhead, Iowa

11:37 am

Raccoon skin and bones

11:41 am

Hikin through the forest

11:58 am

Checked in at Preparation Canyon Overlook, Moorhead, Iowa

12:00 pm

The Loess Hills lookout by Preparation Canyon

12:02 pm

The spot

12:03 pm

The spot

12:05 pm

Teresa enjoying the views

12:12 pm

Bridge out

12:14 pm

Hiking in the Loess Hills

12:21 pm


12:23 pm

Paths navigating the hills

12:25 pm

Durby checks up on the fam

12:29 pm

Family hikin

12:34 pm

Dirty tongue

12:35 pm

Bridge out

12:36 pm

Hikin around the bridge

12:38 pm

Loess Hills Tiny Planet

12:39 pm

At the spot

12:40 pm

Teresa and jeff

12:41 pm

Jeff hiking the Loess Hills

12:57 pm

Olive Avenue

12:57 pm

Descending down Olive Ave

12:58 pm

Jeff joins the party

1:05 pm

Dirt n curves

1:05 pm

Dirt n hills

1:07 pm

A steep incline

1:25 pm

Checked in at Loess Hills Hideaway, Moorhead, Iowa

1:41 pm

Cookin up some lunch

2:11 pm

Camp Chilaquiles!

2:11 pm

Kari made up some chilaquiles. They were v tasty

5:48 pm

Playin pups

5:48 pm

Flailin heads

5:48 pm

Very aggressive

5:53 pm


5:53 pm

Vicious boy. Very strong and scary.

5:54 pm

Little guy, just passin by. I think this is a young Copper Underwing caterpillar.

5:54 pm

Hey little buddy

7:50 pm

Chili dogs: imminent

8:19 pm

Can't wait to suck on this chili dog

8:41 pm


11:13 pm

Bed time

11:58 pm

Fell asleep