Friday, June 12, 2009

I took 12 photos and wrote 19 microblogs. I was in West des Moines, Des Moines, and Ankeny, Iowa.

9:01 am

goin to win some bread.

9:18 am

stray dog in the junc with no tags... and the punk won come to me. :(

9:46 am

walkin back down to the VJ chiro. and that dog is still out here exploring, ha.

12:38 pm

RT: Sumbitch! Shortened track day! (via @fervor)

12:42 pm

@fervor buy a viper and THAT's you get for a spare???

12:45 pm

bout to help tobbie buy a new computer - fun, fun. anyone on the west side wanna meet up for lunch?

1:28 pm

Champps with rico, tobbie, and todd

4:00 pm

Helping Tobbie see the light.

4:02 pm

so jealous of tobbie right now. new 13" macbook pro and an ipod touch.
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4:20 pm

@lucky33 yep. and she got a smokin student discount

4:30 pm

back at champps - waitin out the pouring rain. ;)

4:53 pm

"i was tryin to finger bang chicks when you guys were 1!" -todd

5:39 pm

@themartincard if they dont pass, the place sucks
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6:50 pm

The Real Thing

7:22 pm

A package from threadless!

7:22 pm

Woop! Free Google Phone Day

7:23 pm

whoa weird. a free g1 showed up at my doorstep. ;) thanks santa reed.

7:23 pm

whoa weird. a free g1 showed up at my doorstep. ;) thanks santa reed.

8:49 pm

goin to dos rios with wifey. meet us for dinner.
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9:40 pm

pittsburgh ftw

9:52 pm

ps that was my first tweet from android. still cant figure out how to set up my google account though...
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11:00 pm

At liars club! First tweet from twidroid!

11:10 pm !!! Glad I got my g1 today! Browser just saved me, haha. Dorky.
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11:36 pm

Dj Diverse - standin on crates

11:37 pm

German, Me, and Red

11:40 pm

Kari and Tia

11:40 pm

Kari and Tia

11:47 pm

Tobbie and Ashley
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11:47 pm

Tobbie and Ashley

11:56 pm

Here come the shots

11:57 pm

He posed, I took a pic