Monday, June 8, 2009

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8:49 am

leftover pizza + dewski. ready to work.

11:52 am

so what are yall watching for this wwdc keymote? arstechnica? macrumorslive? engadget? engadget looks best so far.
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2:04 pm

#wwdc ... want snow leopard. want 13" macbook. want iphone 3GS - on tmobile. ATT really dropped the ball today.

4:17 pm

@KevinSwitzer approximately what percentage of your tweets will be baby based for the next year?

4:27 pm

@Turbo just do it dude. come to des moines.

5:12 pm

i just saw a billboard ad for a visitation/funeral. wtf

6:44 pm

oh man. looking through weekend pics - laughing hard.

8:19 pm

Got some pics up from stix on friday:

9:18 pm

Got the rest of the weekend party pics up...