Monday, August 10, 2015

I slept 8.68 hours, took 21 photos, and walked 5.81 miles. I was in Ely, Minnesota.

7:46 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.68 hours

7:56 am

Glass Lake

8:01 am

Cookin up some bacon

9:46 am

This squirrel knew about the nuts inside Cal's fanny pack

9:47 am

Tryin to get to that GORP

11:44 am

Post-portage gorp break... 10 minutes before a downpour

11:55 am

A quick downpour

11:56 am

Waiting for the rain to pass through

12:05 pm

Another day of travel

12:39 pm

A huge boulder and stream next to one of our portages

12:42 pm

Josh climbs the boulder

12:47 pm

Group Pic

1:23 pm


1:46 pm

A pretty, reflective pool

1:48 pm


3:07 pm

Eating lunch and weighing our options on Kivaniva

3:15 pm

Waitin out the downpour on Kivaniva Lake

4:38 pm

Swimming in Lake Kivaniva

6:20 pm

Waking up from a nap

6:49 pm

Kivaniva Campsite

7:29 pm


7:29 pm

The view from our campsite on Kivaniva

9:21 pm

Went to bed

9:30 pm

Fell asleep