Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I slept 8.57 hours, took 27 photos, and walked 7.32 miles. I was in Ely and Grand Marais, Minnesota.

7:05 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.57 hours

7:09 am

Morning sun and fog on Kivaniva

7:42 am

Oatmeal and fresh picked wild blueberries

9:17 am

Paddling through another bog

10:20 am

Portaging the alumibarge

10:32 am

Beavers doin work

10:54 am


11:35 am


11:44 am

A crazy striped rock face on Makwa Lake

12:16 pm

A sticker on Josh's canoe

12:26 pm

T minus 1 minute until this gets thrown into Will's unsuspecting lap

12:52 pm

Checking out a campsite

1:18 pm


1:25 pm

Canoeing in a field

1:33 pm

Turtle remains

1:33 pm

Turtle skull

2:18 pm

Little Saganaga

2:25 pm

Cal and Will paddle to the campsite

2:32 pm

Looking out from our campsite on Little Saganaga Lake

2:48 pm

Cal and Will paddling across Little Saganaga

3:49 pm


3:50 pm

Swimming off our campsite on Little Sag

4:27 pm


5:07 pm

Will makin some popcorn

6:45 pm

This dude had been out there for 2 months, with another 18 days to go

8:06 pm

Watching the sunset on Little Sag

8:10 pm

Sunset on Little Sag

8:14 pm

Sunset on Little Sag

9:34 pm

Went to bed

9:57 pm

Fell asleep