Thursday, August 13, 2015

I slept 6.87 hours, took 35 photos, and walked 7.22 miles. I was in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

5:29 am


7:09 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.87 hours

8:44 am

Group pic before heading toward Tuscarora

9:04 am

A crazy drifted tree trunk that looked like a gigantic narwhal tusk

9:10 am

Fillin my sigg with fresh lakewater
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9:26 am

Paddling across Little Saganaga

9:47 am

Another portage

9:58 am


9:59 am


10:26 am


10:30 am

Burn area

12:55 pm

This eagle just grabbed that great blue heron out of mid air

12:55 pm

Bald eagle carrying a great blue heron

12:56 pm

The bald eagle and great blue heron hit the water

12:56 pm

Eagles apparently don't like to be in the water
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12:56 pm

The eagle heads toward drier land

1:01 pm

Josh and Will had front row seats for the bald eagle/blue heron attack

1:06 pm

The bald eagle dries out while watching the disabled great blue heron float across the lake

1:17 pm

The disabled great blue heron hangs out on a nearby shore

1:40 pm

The bald eagle joins the injured great blue heron on the shoreline

1:40 pm

The faceoff ... aka - the end of the great blue heron
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1:40 pm

The bald eagle drags the dying great blue heron back to shore

1:45 pm

Bald eagle lunch

1:53 pm

Another eagle joins the meal
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2:24 pm

Relaxing after a swim on Lake Tuscarora

3:23 pm


3:30 pm


3:34 pm

Thick forest

3:40 pm


3:42 pm

Super Mario World

3:43 pm

Some crazy split rocks

3:44 pm

Wild blueberries

4:03 pm

Walking around our crazy island on Tuscarora Lake

7:04 pm


8:12 pm

Sunset on Tuscarora Lake

9:13 pm

A rather intimidating storm brewing directly north of our campsite

9:44 pm

Went to bed

9:48 pm

Fell asleep