Sunday, August 9, 2015

I slept 7.68 hours, took 26 photos, and walked 5.89 miles. I was in Finland, Isabella, and Ely, Minnesota.

6:57 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.68 hours

9:07 am

Kawishiwi Lake

9:10 am

About to enter the boundary waters

9:41 am

Turtle on Kawishiwi Lake

10:06 am

Paddling through a bog

10:23 am

Portaging canoes

10:26 am


10:27 am

Checkin the map

10:35 am

Beaver Dam

10:39 am

Damn beavers

10:47 am

Lilly pads, rocks, and burnt trees

11:03 am

Haven't quite figured out the full brim selfie

11:44 am

A crazy knot

12:41 pm


12:44 pm

Portage bugs

12:58 pm

Dippin water bottles for fresh lake water

1:33 pm

Will and Josh bringing firewood into our island on Lake Polly

1:52 pm

Lunch at our campsite on Lake Polly

2:44 pm

Swimming in Lake Polly

4:21 pm

The squirrels on the island we camped at on Lake Polly had no problem hangin out

4:25 pm

Running bear rope

4:28 pm

Tying up the bear line

4:38 pm

Campsite on Lake Polly

5:59 pm

The shitter

8:19 pm


8:30 pm

There's no way a bear will be able to reach these food packs. No way at all.

8:34 pm

Sunset on Lake Polly

9:28 pm

Went to bed

9:53 pm

Fell asleep