Friday, August 18, 2023

I slept 6.98 hours, checked in to 11 places, took 30 photos, wrote 3 microblogs, and walked 10.4 miles. I was in Des Moines and West Des Moines, Iowa.

6:24 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.98 hours

8:04 am

Checked in at Casey's General Store, Des Moines, Iowa

8:16 am

Checked in at Paws & Pints, Des Moines, Iowa

8:46 am

Checked in at The Home Depot, West Des Moines, Iowa

8:57 am

Look at this hot rod
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9:21 am

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

9:26 am

Log splittin time

11:05 am

Apparently disrupted a squirrel nest. Sorry lil dudes. πŸ˜•

3:13 pm

Checked in at The Home Depot, West Des Moines, Iowa

5:31 pm

This desk boi bod is not happy about today’s decision to move and split a giant ash tree’s worth of logs for 5.5 hours straight. Whew.

5:38 pm

Checked in at Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, Iowa

5:41 pm

This dude has spent some money on this hobby

6:12 pm

Checked in at Veggie Table, Des Moines, Iowa

6:14 pm

Deep fried uncrustables

6:33 pm

Butter Caitlin Clark

6:40 pm

Checked in at The Bird's Nest, Des Moines, Iowa

6:41 pm

Pickle Beer!

6:47 pm

This shirt always kills me

7:23 pm

Hazy DM

7:30 pm

God, this X app icon is so fuckin edgy and cool.

7:56 pm

Sunset from the top of the fair

8:18 pm

Pork Chops n Pickles

8:39 pm

Checked in at The Grandstand, Des Moines, Iowa

8:46 pm


8:48 pm


8:55 pm

I am at a Ludacris show and my post college self is very excited about it.

9:22 pm


9:22 pm

How has this dude not ages

9:23 pm

Concert goers

9:24 pm

Ludacris at the State Fair

9:25 pm

Flashlights up

9:48 pm

Sean Kingston was not gonna button that Balenciaga shirt

9:52 pm


9:52 pm

Sean Kingston

9:58 pm

Sean Kingston at the Iowa State Fair

10:05 pm

Geez Craig, Sorry

10:08 pm

Checked in at The Bud Tent, Des Moines, Iowa

10:20 pm

Kari's, "stop testing your camera on me" face

10:29 pm

Diverse at the Bud Tent

10:34 pm

Dancin Kari

10:39 pm

Party in the Bud Tent

10:39 pm


10:40 pm


10:40 pm

Hangin with this dude

11:19 pm

Checked in at Gate 7, Des Moines, Iowa