Thursday, August 18, 2022

I slept 7.37 hours, checked in to 6 places, took 14 photos, wrote 3 microblogs, and walked 4.38 miles. I was in Canada and The United States.

7:26 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.37 hours

9:37 am

Some dudes that just caught a bunch of fish

9:42 am

Explorin while we wait for the planes

9:43 am

Checkin out the old draft dodger / trapper cabin

9:55 am


10:10 am

A little matchstick cribbage while waiting for our flight

10:46 am

Soakin it in before we head out

11:24 am

Time to leave!

11:26 am

The plane pulls up

11:27 am

Can you just move that plane please?

11:28 am

Boarding up to head home

11:52 am

Lakes n stuff

11:56 am


11:58 am

Flying down into a canyon

12:08 pm

A pretty river on the way back to the airbase

12:16 pm

Checked in at Mattice Lake Outfitters, Armstrong, Ontario

3:06 pm

Checked in at Silver Minnow Bait Shop, Shuniah, Ontario

3:25 pm

Today, I left the wilderness in a pontoon plane and our pilot flew us through a narrow canyon like Luke Skywalker through the Death Star. It was a lot more beautiful tho.

So anyway, I’m back on the grid now.

3:30 pm

4:11 pm

Checked in at Pigeon River Border Crossing, Neebing, Ontario

4:49 pm

Checked in at Holiday, Grand Marais, Minnesota

5:03 pm

When that first sip of #dewsk in 5 days hits your lips…

Oh yeah, baby.


9:23 pm

Checked in at Rest Area I-35 SB, Elko New Market, Minnesota

11:57 pm

Checked in at The Reynolds Project, Nevada, Iowa