Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wrote 9 microblogs.

8:35 am

anyone else's itunes randomly stop producing sound? the song keeps playing, but no sound comes out. this has been happening to me for years.

8:55 am

having dipshits across all 5 lanes seems pretty unlikely, right? not in iowa!

1:23 pm

subway sandwiches!

5:18 pm

just got lowes giftcard from my dad for my bday. goin shopping.

6:44 pm

mowin the lawn. hopefully this is about the last time of 2008

7:38 pm

starvin! making microwave food and having a beer.

7:54 pm

so i'm cleanin out my keg, open the keg fridge, and find 2 bottles of chimay red and a sixer of sunset wheat. score!

8:30 pm

buzzing my hair and beard off. my nipple has already closed up.

8:47 pm

every time i shave my beard i sit in front of the mirror with chops and a mustache wondering if i should keep them for hilarity. hmmmmm