Saturday, September 2, 2023

I slept 6.28 hours, took 30 photos, and walked 5.43 miles. I was in Wisconsin and Michigan.

6:41 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.28 hours

8:14 am

Our hipcamp site from the drone

8:16 am

Hipcamp site from the drone

10:11 am

Taking advantage of running water before hitting the trail

12:39 pm

Parking lot lunch before hitting the trail

1:34 pm

Airin down

1:34 pm

Fire Danger High

1:52 pm

Exploring along the trail

1:56 pm

Campground closed. Sad.

2:22 pm

Whaddup doe

2:28 pm

Caution Rocky Trail

2:31 pm

Airin down a little more

2:41 pm

Gettin a little rutty

2:41 pm

Out here in these forests

2:42 pm

Really digging this ride

2:50 pm

Findin puddles

2:51 pm

Rollin deep in this forest

2:53 pm

Tiny boy

2:55 pm

Natural environment

3:04 pm

Jon checks the depth of this puddle

3:05 pm

Ridin that center ridge

3:07 pm

Here we go...

3:14 pm

Caution, driveway ahead.

3:28 pm

Canopied streets

6:17 pm

Checked in and making firewood!

6:20 pm

Ready for a fire

6:39 pm

Checking out Perch Lake

6:42 pm

Island on Perch Lake

6:43 pm

Scopin out the campsite on the Perch Lake Island

6:59 pm

Homemade mac and cheese with Brussels and Garden Shishitos

10:44 pm

Fell asleep

11:04 pm

Bright ass moon over Perch Lake