Monday, September 4, 2023

I slept 9.18 hours, checked in to 4 places, took 49 photos, and walked 6.95 miles. I was in Calumet, Eagle Harbor, Copper Harbor, and Grant Township, Michigan.

7:40 am

Cookin up some brekkie bombs

8:00 am

Woke up after sleeping 9.18 hours

8:54 am

Checked in at Keweenaw Co-Op Gas, Calumet, Michigan

9:32 am

When your battery dies and you wanna try to get some solar while driving...

9:32 am

Your butts are not a pretty sight

9:34 am

Testing the temps of Lake Superior

9:35 am

Checked in at Great Sand Bay, Eagle Harbor, Michigan

9:35 am

Great Sand Bay

10:03 am

Looking out from Brockway Mountain

10:05 am

Gettin a photo of it

10:05 am

Looking out from Brockway Mountain

10:06 am

Checked in at Brockway Mountain, Copper Harbor, Michigan

10:06 am

Mountain Selfie

10:07 am

Cliffs on Brockway Mountain

10:07 am

Lookin around

10:54 am

Movin on down to High Rock Bay

10:56 am

Findin some more puddles

10:56 am


11:18 am

Checked in at High Rock Bay, Grant Township, Michigan

11:46 am

Takin a brake at High Rock Bay

12:10 pm

Camp at High Rock Bay

12:12 pm

The campsite on High Rock Bay

12:13 pm

High Rock Bay

12:22 pm

Dirty boys

12:26 pm

A little float plane cruised by our site

12:38 pm

Cookin up lunch

12:41 pm

Garden tomato BLTs

1:08 pm

Getin some reads in

1:22 pm

A boat cruising in from the lighthouse

1:27 pm

This lady saved this hawk that was struggling in the lake

1:59 pm

Chillin on the high rock bay beach

2:00 pm

Hawk starting to come back to life
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2:05 pm

Some ladies chillin on this rocky beach

2:38 pm

Jon takes off to explore the mountain bike trails

2:39 pm

Chill afternoon on High Rock Bay

3:08 pm

Readin n nappin

3:29 pm

Clear lake water

3:34 pm


3:35 pm

Elizabeth embracing the cold

3:35 pm

Cold lady

3:37 pm

Hangin in Superior

3:38 pm

Havin a refreshing cold time

3:41 pm

Lake Superior Swimmers

4:15 pm

Havin a look at it

4:46 pm

Beavis was trying to keep the flies off of her neck

5:10 pm

This was a wild pale ale

5:11 pm

Beer Cheese and Toast

5:34 pm

Gull Rock Lighthouse from the campsite

7:07 pm

Sunset from camp

7:37 pm

Trying to make pie iron pizzas

7:42 pm

Pie Iron Pizzas

7:49 pm

Pie Iron Stuff

7:56 pm

Pizza Pocket Boy

9:19 pm

Stars over Superior

11:32 pm

Fell asleep