Sunday, September 3, 2023

I slept 7.25 hours, checked in to 5 places, took 24 photos, and walked 3.97 miles. I was in Michigan.

6:29 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.25 hours

9:11 am

One Lane Road With Turnouts

10:00 am


10:55 am

Checked in at Rousseau Bar, Mass City, Michigan

10:55 am

Stumbled upon the Rosseau Bar

10:59 am

Signing the ceiling

11:00 am

Jon & Liz & Kari & Derek

11:02 am

Never too far to the Rousseau Bar

11:06 am

Hangin at the lunch spot

11:29 am

Olive Burgers!

11:51 am

Bartender wanted to take our picture with the sign

12:08 pm


12:08 pm


12:09 pm

Checked in at Merritt's Service Center, Greenland, Michigan

12:18 pm

Checked in at Merritt's Service Center, Greenland, Michigan

12:39 pm

Driving across the Firesteel Trestles

12:41 pm

Driving on the Firesteel Trestles

12:42 pm


3:39 pm

Checked in at Keweenaw Brewing Company, Houghton, Michigan

4:23 pm

Naughty Mommies Drink Here

4:36 pm

Naughty women

5:29 pm

Hey cows

5:58 pm

Checked in at Keweenaw Homestead Camping, Calumet, Michigan

6:14 pm

Sayin hi to the cows from our campsite

6:16 pm

The Calumet Campsite

6:17 pm

Set up and preppin dinner

6:29 pm

Warming up these foil packs

7:00 pm

Garden veggie gnocchi foil pack

7:01 pm

Freshly grated cheese!

8:00 pm

Pretty warm, but still super nice

9:48 pm

Fell asleep