Sunday, September 21, 2008

I took 27 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Chicago and East Dubuque, Illinois.

12:02 am

at debonair. theres a ridiculous ferarri parked outside.
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12:23 am

Kari and Tag

12:24 am


1:06 am

Harper and The High Times Chick

1:26 am


2:06 am

Greg and Harper
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2:09 am

How They Do

2:11 am

Eep! Shots!

2:17 am

I can't remember this dude's name

2:22 am


2:22 am


2:26 am

Wearing Harper's Fancy Mexican Cowboy Shirt

2:30 am

Tag Wearing Harper's Fancy Shirt

2:30 am

Tag n Jon

2:33 am

Claudia and Harper

2:33 am

Claudia Wearing Harper's Shirt

2:37 am

Jon Doing Karate With Some Dude

2:38 am

Greg and the High Times Chick

2:40 am

Tag and Kari

2:42 am

harper is drunk to the point where he's spitting his drinks in the club owner's face as a joke

2:43 am

Red Hair Matt Talking to Harper after he got slapped

2:50 am

Harper and his busted glasses

2:50 am

Harper and Claudia

2:51 am

Harper Talking to Steve

2:55 am

Missing His Glasses

2:57 am

this bartender just slapped harper's face. broke his glasses. what a dick

2:59 am

Jon and Harper

3:02 am

I Want Some of these Scooters
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3:03 am

Hailing Harper A Cab

3:16 am

sent harper home in a cab. at estelles with tag

4:29 am

my favorite part of chicago is that instead of midnight sneaking up on you, 4:30am sneaks up on you.

12:10 pm

i need curtains like tag. it still looks nighttime in this room.
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1:29 pm

at potbelly again, heh

2:29 pm

apparently my gps is taking me home on i90 and through dubuque

4:59 pm

Buggy windshield over the dubuque bridge.

6:03 pm

in marion. hwy 20 through illinois is a reaaly nice drive. especially with the windows down.

8:44 pm

pulling back into dsm. i think i got an idea how to fix my bunk flickr map data on my site. i need my computer!