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  • Cool Kids Eat Shit posted - 18 comments

    I've been thinking about this for a few years, so nothing directly sparked this blog... I've actually been consciously not writing this blog due to related situations coming up. I didn't want people to think that they sparked it. So that said, I was just sitting at home and suddenly got a strange urge to rant! hurrah! read more

  • Oh yeah. Thanksgiving. posted

    We had a bit of a change-up in the Thanksgiving tradition this year. No RG Books on Wednesday night, no oysters, no squash, no 18 course meal by Jeff, and no QC. This year we only went to 1 place - and it was only a half hour away - awesome. Kari's parents got into town Wednesday night after putting a their truck in a ditch outside Grinnell. So instead of driving more, we decided to order take-out from Chili's and hang out at home... read more

  • The KC Shuffle posted - 1 comment

    So last weekend, Ando made plans to go to KC for his friend JJ's 30th birthday. Nathan and I got invited - and it was a blast... Maybe too much of a blast. On the way down, Nathan got pulled over for doing 84 in a 70. :( So, we got into town around 8:30, checked into our Sheraton Suite and then had dinner at Tomfoolerie's... read more

  • Joining Red 5 posted - 8 comments

    Holy first day. Seriously... I haven't felt this n00b in a long, long time - I'm both stressed and excited about it. So first of all, the drive. It's longer, but sooo much better than my last drive... read more

  • Leaving Pioneer posted - 4 comments

    It seems like just a few months ago - my last block at Cornell College - when I'd drive out of town via 8th Avenue and park in a cornfield entrance at the top of the hill. This is where I always went to get away from the loud dorm I lived in to make important phone calls. This time I was making my call to Marv Hardisty - checking on the job I interviewed for a few weeks prior. It was an interesting call - first he asked me about, one of my huge Soap Shoe web sites that I let get away. He asked me if I ran it and if I was aware that it was now a pornography site... read more

  • Belated Halloween Party posted - 2 comments

    As most of you know, Kari and I hosted a Halloween Party this weekend... and if you didn't come - you're lame. We had a little over half of the turnout that we had last year... but it was still a good time. Most of our out-of-towners didn't make it this time, however Tara came down from Mpls and Jake and Ania came from Illinois... read more

  • Uncle Broox posted - 5 comments

    My sister had a nine pound baby, haha... I'm an uncle - weird. read more

  • Alex Strait posted - 8 comments

    To my Cornell friends... Remember Alex Strait? He was a Soccer player, Gamma, had curly hair, and was a couple years below me at school. Apparently his body was found today at a park in Cedar rapids. Alex always seemed like a pretty good/happy kid to me... read more

  • T Minus Eight Days posted - 5 comments

    Until I am done working at Pioneer. That's right. On Monday this week I put in my 2 week notice at my cushy corporate job. Why? Back up to a month ago when my promotion (supported by 3 levels of management) was brought forward and then shot down by the director of Information Management... read more

  • Ninja's Knee(s) posted - 6 comments

    We just went up to the vet to have Ninja's leg looked at. It turns out that he completely tore his cruciate ligament in his left leg. The good news is that his knee is easily fixable with TPLO surgery. The bad news is that it costs over $2,000. The worse news is that his right knee is partially torn... read more

  • Good Food and Drinks in DSM posted

    This weekend was full of sweet, sweet food and drinks. Friday, Kari and I celebrated our anniversary at Lucca, which was a great meal with decent service - I think they need at least 1 more server in there. Around dessert time, Kari decided that none of Lucca's desserts sounded awesome, so we called Sage to see if we could come over. Here is some customer service that everyone should take note of.... We called Sage from Lucca at 9:50... read more

  • Dad's House, Mom's House, etc posted - 7 comments

    This weekend was quite odd. I spent the entire time working on things, but I really got nothing done for myself, haha. Friday, I drove to dad's house, we moved my old Nova engine from our old house to a scrap pile. :( I didn't know what else to do with it. But it was actually kind of fun... read more

  • Kari's Twenty Six posted - 3 comments

    Basically Kari's birthday (so far) has been the usual: eating, drinking, family, friends, ya know. It's been good I think. I got her a mafia book, a spa massage, a special t-shirt, and a fancy meal. Nothing too incredible... but yeah... read more

  • You Might See Me in My Brand New Whiiip posted - 13 comments

    So I got a new truck. An 8 year old truck that looks like it's 1 year old. As most of you know, I (for some weird reason) was in the market for a truck. The truck that appealed to me most was the F150, but I didn't want the F150 that you pass 76 times a day on the road. I wanted a unique one... read more

  • I am the Cracker, Cheese, Crab, Carb King posted - 3 comments

    I snack. Oh man I snack. When I lived alone I never had snack food because of this. I made sure that all the food I had were things that only worked for dinner, like microwavable meals, frozen chicken breasts, and salmon. But now that Kari makes sure our groceries are fully stocked it's getting out of hand... read more

  • Filming the 2030 Road Rally posted - 1 comment

    was a blast. It was pure chaos all day. Just driving around seeing people you "knew" in amazing cars all throughout the day. It was a good feeling for sure. Most of us were connected only by your love of cars and driving... read more

  • MPLS VIP 2007 posted - 5 comments

    Man, I really haven't had the energy to blog... but I suppose it's time to write about last weekend. So, Nathan, Josh, and I met up in Minneapolis for another big going-out fest, similar to what we did last year for Josh's birthday. The plan is basically to go to Minneapolis on Friday and come home on Sunday - that's it. Everything else just sort of falls into place, which is generally chaos... read more

  • Re-Optiplex'd! posted - 6 comments

    As a computer programmer I like to stay on top of new technology - like computers. That said, I think it's important that you buy a new computer at least once every ... 5 years, haha, wtf? No, for real, I bought my last computer 5 years ago this month, which is pretty baffling. Don't get me wrong, I upgraded it a bit over the years, but it's still ridiculous... read more

  • No Cars, High Bars posted - 6 comments

    What's been up lately? Well yesterday we had another outing at Lake Panorama, which was nice. I golfed for the first time this year and shot pretty good - only hit 1 duffer and 1 slice. However, Nick and I got paired up with JD in a best shot "tournament." And if you don't know JD... all I can say is that he's really good at golf... read more

  • PB, Galena, and LeClaire posted - 1 comment

    Why are windshield wiper controls so different in every vehicle? Seriously. I somehow wound up driving a LOT this weekend, in 4 different vehicles. Between Kari's SUV, mom's new car, dad's SUV, and Jeff's truck. By the end of the weekend I was almost taking Jeff's truck out of gear just to clear some rain off the windshield... read more