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  • First Visit to Lake Madison posted - 2 comments

    So this weekend we went to South Dakota to visit my second cousin in law, Jerry Cozad, haha (Jeff's cousin). I really had no information about the weekend except that we were going to some Lake near Sioux Falls. I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect to be in cabins nicer than my house... which is exactly what we found. And these weren't full time houses for these people, they were just weekend cabins... read more

  • My "Transform Your Summer" Mt Dew Hoodie posted - 5 comments

    July 6 me: this mountain dew hoodie currently has 2,728 entries me: there are 300 winners Josh: 1 in 9 me: is that a 1:9 chance? Josh: yep me: and i have 18 codes Josh: 2:1 chance Josh: 18:9 me: those are good odds Josh: Mathmatically, you should win a hoodie Josh: very me: maybe even 2 hoodies me: haha Josh: If someone would take the bet, I would bet $100 that you win a hoodie with those odds Josh: haha July 6, IRC <broox> anyone want to make a bet for $100 that i win a hoodie from this mountain dew contest? <npl> i do not <npl> but thanks July 10 me: i never did enter my codes for that hoodie that day Josh: haha me: so i have 23 now me: today's current entries: 2409 me: 300 winners me: i bet we can assume that doubles me: which should gaurantee that i win still Josh: yeah me: mathematically July 25 I got my Mt Dew Hoodie. Now I'm going to mathematically win the Optimus Prime toy. read more

  • Most People Try to Hide The Hard Times posted - 2 comments

    I'm going to put mine right out there... The thing that I hate more than anything else is my money situation over the last few years. I keep telling myself it'll get better, and I keep trying my ass off to make it that way, but it never gets to a point that it's bearable. I am seriously, seriously depressed about it. It's retarded... read more

  • My iPod Rating Dilemma posted - 2 comments

    I'm a big fan of rating music so that I have playlists of things that do not suck. However, I've come to a dilemma. What happens when a song is so horrible that it's amazing? I mean, I want to know that it's horrible, but I also want to know that I love it. For example, Ill Mitch is this Russian Rapper - who may or may not be real and/or serious... read more

  • Tubing the Iowa River posted - 3 comments

    Saturday, 10:15am. We cracked our first beers while waiting to depart for the river. We'd just set up camp and were in for a great day - and a great day it was. So yeah, Nathan put together a little tubing trip down the Iowa River through a company called Rock-N-Row Adventures. It was originally mostly couples, then 2 couples backed out and 3 girls backed out... read more

  • No Headphones at Work posted - 7 comments

    Peep this e-mail a friend of mine just got at work: For SAFETY Reasons: Fortunately (for safety) or unfortunately, we can NO longer have musical headsets in the office. This is in protection of hearing loss since volume cannot be monitored. This will be effective Monday, July 23rd. You can have a radio at your desk; however, the volume must be turned low. Thank you for your cooperation... read more

  • My Wife Kills My Productivity posted - 6 comments

    So, over the past couple years of living with Kari I've noticed something strange. There is a drastic difference in how much work I get done when Kari is home as opposed to when Kari is not home. See, when Kari is gone, I am so ridiculously productive. I sort of let my A.D.D. run wild working on somewhere between 3 and 10 different things in one evening... read more

  • Ninja's Hankerin' posted - 6 comments

    For a new hip. So, Ninja has been acting really funny lately, like his hind legs aren't working and are hurting him. He's been having a lot of trouble getting onto furniture, getting up stairs, and even getting up off the floor. Several times lately he's tried to hop into bed and got completely denied. And even worse yet, he has to use the stairs for nearly everything - even going to the bathroom... read more

  • Vic's Ears and Reynolds Anniversary Party posted

    So last weekend, we hosted a 30th Anniversary party for Jeff and Teresa. It was quite ridiculous - lots of people, barely enough food, and lots of drinks. Saturday morning, Jeff, Vic, and I went to 5 point studios to get Victor's ears pierced. He's been wanting to 0-00 gauge plugs, however he has never had his ears pierced. So we talked to Leo at 5 point to find out he could very easily pierce them to 2 gauge with a needle/taper, or use a scalpel to go up to 00... read more

  • Wet Healing a Tattoo posted - 31 comments

    Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon on this one, but my second round of tattooing is healing a million times better than the first. I'm pretty sure this is completely due to a new healing process that I'm trying called Wet Healing. Let me back track and talk about my first session, I was told to shower the night of the tattoo, then to keep it dry (no water), but moisturize with lotion 3 times daily until the scabs come off. At that point I could wash it, etc. It seemed simple enough, however the dark/heavy shading scabbed horribly... read more

  • Ashley and Jacobi's Wedding posted

    Man. If you know anything about Cornell, the Gammas, the Thetas, and how anyone involved in any of those sets can party - you'll understand why my weekend was completely and normally insane. This weekend was Jacobi and Ashley's wedding in Charles City, IA, which was super nice. Not to rag on Charles City, because it's bigger than my hometown, but I did not expect such a nice event to come out of such a small town. I guess, I had only thought about how crazy it would be, which it of course was... read more

  • Morris Reynolds posted

    Wow, what a weekend. So, if you didn't know, Kari's grandpa, Morris Reynolds, died last Tuesday from a combination of old age and liver cancer. Whoa, right? Just jump right into it, Derek! Well, that's kind of the way it worked in real life... read more

  • Fathers Day 2007 posted

    Fathers Day this year was pretty fun - and reynolds style. It seems like all of my family gatherings are becoming more and more reynolds influenced lately. And by that I mean they are 100% based on Food and Drinks. Probably a little too much of each. Well, the drinks thing may be a little more influenced by college than Kari's family... read more

  • Kevin and Julie's Wedding Weekend posted - 1 comment

    So... Back to Kevi's wedding weekend. Friday after we got to Orlando, we checked into Hawthorne Suites, which rule btw. Kitchen, living room, 2 queen beds, an amazing free breakfast, open bar from 5:30-7:30 daily, free wifi, and a nice pool - all for only $90 a night. So after checking in, Kevi gave us some pretty rad gifts... read more

  • National Lampoon's Magical Wedding Vacation posted - 4 comments

    I really hate to rain on someone's wedding, which I won't do. But I'm totally about to blow up about traveling to Kevi's wedding. Omg. So first of all, Thursday, Zach, Amy, Kari, and I were scheduled to fly out of Des Moines around 5pm and show up in Orlando at 10:30pm. So we arrived at the DSM airport around 3:45 to check in, when we met an NWA employee named Betty... read more

  • Mosso Sucks. I Need a New Host. posted - 42 comments

    Well, let me rephrase that. Mosso tries hard to be awesome - they just released a beta application without the beta label. Harper convinced me to join Mosso based primarily on the billing/user management system - which rules by the way... but it's really the only part that rules. When I first joined Mosso, Harper and I got to have a conference with one of the founders of Mosso, Todd Morey... read more

  • 4 Years Old with a Bar and a Tattoo posted - 2 comments

    As of last Friday, I've been at Pioneer for 4 years... and I'm still an entry level programmer! Haha, weak. However, I somehow carried over 9 days of PTO this year... which Brings me up to 18+9... read more

  • Memorial Day and My First Tattoo posted - 4 comments

    I am getting a little bit tired of blogging about weekend events. I'm not really good at writing about them anymore. It's so cookie cutter Friday this, Saturday that. Maybe I should quit and just post photos... or become a better writer, ehhh... read more

  • Memorial Day Minus Seven posted - 2 comments

    Well, for the past 2 years Memorial Day weekend has been insane. Each consisted of a two-city party tour. Cornell and Chicago in 2005, Dubuque and Iowa City in 2006. But this year, I think it may have happened a week early with a trip to Iowa City and Cornell. But before I get into that, let me back track a few days to Wednesday when Zach, Minnis, and I went to the Code Brown show... read more

  • Mother's Day and PB Houses posted - 1 comment

    Mother's Day this year was pretty fun. Friday Jeff came into town then we got sushi @ Taki, went to Court Avenue, etc. Pretty routine night. Definitely good. Saturday, Teresa and Vic showed up, we cooked some homebrew, then we all went tailgating at the Iowa Cubs game... read more